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In a bewildering world, it is the critical insights that empower you. Life has given me a few insights to share. I’m a teacher, not a prophet.

I’ve had a career in applied physics, not that I planned it that way. I intended to be a college professor, a professor with devotion to that bottom-level physics course that is often a graduation requirement for humanities majors. In the late 1960’s, however, the universities were in turmoil, so I went to the national laboratory at Los Alamos, a place in the mountains where my kids could play in green canyons rather than the sooty cement alleys of a city. I’ve worked professionally on liquid helium, weapon theory, solar buildings, heat transfer, and remediation of polluted ground, and I’m grateful for the experiences. To be meaningful, life must be experienced rather than watched. The person who gathers many experiences has lived life as well as possible within the circumstances, whether or not those experiences were pleasant.

Throughout four decades, I’ve served as a voluntary technical advocate for scientifically reasoned restriction of pollution. Technical logic is sometimes suppressed by money, more often by fear of regulation.  I’m working on stories of those encounters, some of which may appear among these pages.  I don’t imply that there’s no fun in all this, because the people involved are always amusing characters performing on their own stages.  However, the colorful stories are better told with books of fiction than with the short blogs and essays offered here.  My resume is at http://neeper.net/resume/ .

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Photo - two hikers on a meadow at Elwood Pass, Colorado

Don Neeper and a granddaughter walk at Elwood Pass, Colorado.