Blog 136. American Angst Part 4 of 7: Sliding into Fascism

America is split many ways: the divide between rich and poor,(1) educated versus uneducated, the elite versus the common person. We’re beset by a self-perpetuating crime and poverty in the bottom economic class because those individuals justifiably feel hopeless.  It’s the middle classes that should be hopeful, Continue reading

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Some of you have noticed that Part 4 of the “Angst” series is overdue.  I discovered that the sub-program (a “plug-in”)  that actually mails the blog posts was deleting the editorial marks (like [1] or [2,3] ) because it interpreted the symbols  as code, not text.  If you want to see the reference marks and numbered references for parts 1, 2, or 3 of the Angst series, please go to the web page where the posts appear properly.  Click here and then click on the heading “Blog,” not “Blog List.”  Scan down until you find the post you want.

Part 4 should appear in your email within a day, hopefully with visible reference marks.

Don Neeper

Blog 135. American Angst Part 3 of 7: Engineered Inequality

America has greater inequality than any other advanced country.[1]

Among the advanced countries of the world, America has the greatest wealth, but also the greatest inequality in wealth.  The U.S. ranks 27th out of 27 high-income countries in median wealth per adult.  The top 1% took home 22% of all income in 2015. Continue reading

Blog 134. American Angst Part 2 of 7: Alienation of the Individual

Individuals feel angry, frustrated, isolated, abandoned by their society, offended by immigrants, and threatened by political ideologues who want to take over. The stores are big-box: you don’t buy your shoes or your shampoo with assistance from a friendly sales person. Your only safe conversation seems to be with Siri on your cell phone. Continue reading

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I will soon release a seven-part essay on the angst in America.  The individual parts will arrive at two- or three-day intervals.  Although some parts are longer than the usual blog post,  I hope you will find them useful in considering tension in our society and what we might do about it.  What do I mean by “angst?”  Here’s a list of symptoms.



Tribalism and isolation

Echo chamber listening


Resentment and blame

Inequality of opportunity


Widespread organized gerrymandering

Erosion of social morals



Distrust of government

Distrust of everyone else

Retreat into social media and identity politics

Loss of

  • Sense of truth, identity, fair play, community

  • Opportunity

  • Justice

  • Faith in previously trusted institutions

  • Faith in democracy

  • The commons

  • Investigative journalism

  • Trust in the media as political and societal referees