Blog 116. Understanding the social angst

There’s an angst in American society that has no single focus, no single cause.  Why do the political right and the political left promote simplistic, unrealistic solutions?  Because the system itself promotes those who promote the problems. Continue reading

Blog 87. Wall Street and the myth of basic science

The 24 October Wall Street Journal featured an long (2200 words) essay by Matt Ridley (member, British House of Lords; author; and former chair of a failed British bank).  Entitled “The Myth of Basic Science,” the essay argues that publicly funded basic scientific research is not beneficial, Continue reading

Blog 77. Science—what it is, what it isn’t

Along with our cultural distrust of government, American society doesn’t trust science, whether the scientific information is about climate, vaccines, evolution, or toothpaste.  What’s going on?  Why can’t we sort the valid information from the advertising?  Continue reading