Blog 103. Are we terrorizing ourselves?

There’s a social science of terrorism.  Science News magazine* devoted a special article to the research of anthropologist Scott Atran** of the University of Michigan.  Atran has been on the battlefields of ISIS, Continue reading

Blog 35. Complex Terrorism

Terrorism doesn’t work, but fear of terrorism works very well.


Scientific American on terrorism.

The August, 2013 Scientific American offered an article,  “Five Myths of Terrorism,” by Michael Shermer.   Shermer says terrorism doesn’t work because the terrorists have reason to perpetrate violence; they aren’t under central control, they are not unique geniuses, and they are not deadly compared to the annual average of 13,700 homicides.  Shermer notes that most terrorist groups failed to attain their strategic goals.

Shermer is wrong because he ignores the effectiveness of the terrorist acts of 9/11.  Continue reading