Blog 90. How to boil an egg in a microwave.

Submerge the egg in a mug of water.  Turn on the microwave for one minute.  Listen for  snap as the eggshell cracks.  That’s ok, the crack relieves pressure.  Reduce power to 40% and run the microwave for another minute.  At 35 seconds you will hear a loud pop.  Continue reading

Blog 88. Will nations ever come together?

The question looms like a cloud over United Nations negotiations in Paris this month—the 21st such attempt to forge an international agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions.  A big reason for failing to find common ground is American intransigence on the role of government.”  Continue reading

Blog 77. Science—what it is, what it isn’t.

Along with our cultural distrust of government, American society doesn’t trust science, whether the scientific information is about climate, vaccines, evolution, or toothpaste.  What’s going on?  Why can’t we sort the valid information from the advertising?  Continue reading

Blog 74. Common Ground on Hostile Turf

In her book, Common Ground on Hostile Turf, Lucy Moore shows that resolution of conflict depends more on the sharing of personal stories than on the facts, legal arguments, or moral claims of the parties. Continue reading

Blog 60. Water flows uphill to money.

Sometimes the inquiring technical mind cannot pass an opportunity to analyze what’s going on in the surrounding society.  With me, that compulsion for analysis recently arose when the Forest Service announced it planned to approve a new pipeline to provide water for snowmaking on the local ski hill, some 2600 feet (more or less) above the town.   As they say in the dry southwest, whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting. Continue reading